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Christian Louboutin Launches New Fragrances

Over the past two decades, French designer Christian Louboutin has built an iconic brand and single-handedly upgraded our shoe game to Carrie Bradshaw-level status. Now, with a global fashion empire, a stiletto-inspired nail polish collection, and a lipstick lineup that’s a freaking work of art, it’s time for fragrance.

Christian Louboutin fragrances

The three distinct scents are designed to represent three different personalities of the Louboutin women. Bikini Questa Sera brings to mind warm summer nights with jasmine and tuberose; Tornade Blonde is a sweet and feminine blend of red rose, violet and cassis; while Trouble in Heaven is the headiest, most opulent juice, taking in iris, patchouli, tonka absolut and amber. Each one is formulated to hit the senses like a single piano stroke: an unchanging, vibrating ‘ping’, explained the designer.

“I wanted to celebrate woman and her desires. I wanted these fragrances to enhance an aspect of her personality, or perhaps reveal something about her that no one knew before,” Louboutin says. “In a way creating these fragrances is like being a film director; some directors want to control the acting process, others want to reveal the power of character and personality. This is what I try to evoke with shoes and now with the alchemy of fragrance. I want to give women the means to express themselves.”